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User: Hai Lúa
#1 Posted : Sunday, February 16, 2014 6:00:47 PM(UTC)
In the next build, both Pro and Free will be able to edit the lyric of each song. Even though, when named correctly, the Lyrics DB server should be able to provide about 95% of your song's lyrics/songwriter info. I would say maybe about 5% to 10% of this data is not accurate. With the custom lyric feature, you can hand edit songs that the Lyrics DB server couldn't find lyric or the lyric provided by the Lyrics DB is not accurate.

Basically you right-click on the song you want to edit and select Edit Lyric. Then you can type in the info and hit save. You'll be able to export what you have edited and share with others. Others can import your work to pick up the improvement you made.

The length and id are optional attributes and will set by TKaraoke when you right-click and select Edit a song. These two attributes will allow TKaraoke to find lyrics for songs that are not named correctly. For example, if your song name is "12345.Chi-Toi.vob", the Lyrics DB server will not provide the lyric for you. With the length and id attributes, if someone have this song's lyric hand-edited and share the export file for you to import, TKaraoke will be able to provide the lyric for this song. Note that this works even when the person that share you the export file has the song named different than you.

Here is a sample of an export file. It's basically clear text so you can edit in notepad. As mentioned above, the length and id attributes will be automatically populated for you by TKaraoke.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<TKaraokeLyrics xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="TKaraokeCustomLyrics.xsd">
	<SongFile length="206411776" id="c4d4cf53215313eae4d04f10f28f0930">
		<FileName>Tinh Khuc Vuot Thoi Gian 06 - Chi Toi - My Linh</FileName>
		<Name>Chị Tôi</Name>
		<Singer>Mỹ Linh</Singer>
		<Songwriter>Nhạc Trọng Đài, thơ Đoàn Thị Tảo</Songwriter>
		<Lyric>Thế là chị ơi, rụng bông hoa gạo. Ô hay, trời không nín gió cho ngày chị sinh. Ngày chị sinh, trời cho làm thơ...</Lyric>
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User: locky
#2 Posted : Monday, February 24, 2014 12:22:49 PM(UTC)
HL, most of the case for wrong lyrics because of the wrong author. So if you allow the user to select the existing lyrics in data base.
IE: right click---> option display lyrics for all song's writer---> user can select one and download. (help to correct the authors too)

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User: Hai Lúa
#3 Posted : Monday, February 24, 2014 2:58:14 PM(UTC)
The next build will come with a custom lyric file pre-made to address many wrong lyric issues. You don't have to do anything, just install the new build and most lyric issues are fixed. If you find more lyric issues, you can fix it yourself as described above. Then you can share your edit w/ your friends on contribute it back for us to include in the next's next's build.
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User: Hai Lúa
#4 Posted : Saturday, March 01, 2014 12:04:37 AM(UTC)
Build 065 has been released. This build came with custom lyrics for about 350 songs. These are the common songs that the Lyrics DB failed to provide accurate lyrics for (i.e. Chị Tôi của Trọng Đài). By installing this build, you'll automatically have the correct lyrics for these 350 songs. We are working on making custom lyrics for more songs. You can download the latest custom lyric file and import into your TKaraoke to get the new songs that we edited.

To provide custom lyric for any song, right-click on it and select Custom Lyric --> Edit Lyric. To remove the custom lyric (TKaraoke will use the version from the Lyrics DB), right-click on a song and select Custom Lyric --> Remove. To import custom lyrics data (someone shared to you or you downloaded from us), select Import.

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