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#11 Posted : Monday, November 09, 2015 7:11:13 PM(UTC)
BLUE OCEAN Những Bài Tình Ca Muôn Thưỏ
Blue ocean NBTCMT_01-Chi Co Anh Trong Tim Em-Nini
Blue ocean NBTCMT_02-Mot Lan Tien Chan ve-Nguyen Khang
Blue ocean NBTCMT_03-Doi Nga-Ngoc Huong
Blue ocean NBTCMT_04-Di Vang Nhat Nhoa-Andy Thanh, Nini
Blue ocean NBTCMT_05-Tien Nhau Lan Cuoi-Nguyen Khang
Blue ocean NBTCMT_06-Mot Doi Mai Yeu-Ngoc Bich
Blue ocean NBTCMT_07-Tinh Da Bay Xa-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean NBTCMT_08-Tinh Nhu La Bay Xa-Nini
Blue ocean NBTCMT_09-Diem Xua-Chau Khanh
Blue ocean NBTCMT_10-Yeu la the-Nguyen khang
Blue ocean NBTCMT_11-Tieng Hat Chim Da Da-Thao suong
Blue ocean NBTCMT_12-Quan Vang Mot Minh-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean NBTCMT_13-Khi Thanh Pho Vang Anh-Ngoc Huong
Blue ocean NBTCMT_14-Ha Noi Mua Vang Nhung Con Mua-Nguyen Khang
Blue ocean NBTCMT_15-Giac Mo Sa Mac-Chau Khanh
Blue ocean NBTCMT_16-Co Nang Thon Que-Thao Suong
Blue ocean NBTCMT_17-lam sao anh quen-Andy thanh
Blue ocean NBTCMT_18-Biet Yeu Lan Dau-Ngoc Bich
Blue ocean NBTCMT_19-Anh Van Buon Nhu Xua-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean NBTCMT_20-Giac Nam Kha-Thao Suong
#12 Posted : Monday, November 09, 2015 7:30:33 PM(UTC)
BLUE OCEAN Nghèo 2 - Tieng Hat Chim Da Da 2
Blue ocean THCDD_01-Dem Cuoi-Manh Dinh & Thao Suong
Blue ocean THCDD_02-Thuong Qua Que Huong Oi-Thao Suong
Blue ocean THCDD_03-Ngheo 2-Ngoc Ho
Blue ocean THCDD_04-Nhat Ky Mua Dong-Manh Quynh
Blue ocean THCDD_05-Tim Mai Thuong Yeu-Thao Suong
Blue ocean THCDD_06-Loi Noi Doi Cuoi Cung-Ngoc Son
Blue ocean THCDD_07-Gui Nguoi Toi Yeu-Manh Dinh
Blue ocean THCDD_08-Tieng Hat Chim Da Da 2-Thao Suong
Blue ocean THCDD_09-Bai Ca Tet Cho Em-ngoc Ho
Blue ocean THCDD_10-Vui Chon Ky Niem-Manh Dinh & Thao Suong
Blue ocean THCDD_11-Chong Xa-Thao Suong
Blue ocean THCDD_12-Vong nhan cuoi-Ngoc Ho
Blue ocean THCDD_13-Trau oi-Manh Dinh
Blue ocean THCDD_14-Mot Ngay Khong Co Anh-Thao Suong
Blue ocean THCDD_15-Tinh me-Ngoc Ho
Blue ocean THCDD_16-Doi Mat Nguoi Xua-Manh Dinh
Blue ocean THCDD_17-Nhat Nang -Thao Suong
Blue ocean THCDD_18-Muoi Nam Doi Cho-Ngoc Ho
Blue ocean THCDD_19-Chim Sao Ngay Xua 2-Thao Suong

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#13 Posted : Monday, November 09, 2015 7:43:48 PM(UTC)
Blue ocean BOTB_01-Trai Tim Ben Le 2-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_02-Khi Ta Ben Nhau-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean BOTB_03-Mot Thoi Da Xa 2-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_04-Tien Dua-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean BOTB_05-Cay Dan Sinh Vien-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_06-Chieu Mua Cali-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean BOTB_07-Boi Vi Anh Yeu Em-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_08-Tinh Gian Doi-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean BOTB_09-Co Minh Toi Buon-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_10-Cho Em Loi Cuoi-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_11-Trao Ve Anh-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean BOTB_12-Hay Noi Loi Chia Tay-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_13-Ganh Hang Rong-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean BOTB_14-Chan Tinh-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_15-Oi Tinh Yeu-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean BOTB_16-Tinh Oi Xin Ngu Yen-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_17-Tinh suong khoi-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean BOTB_18-Tinh Dau Chua Nguoi-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_19-Lam lo-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean BOTB_20-Tinh Don Coi-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean BOTB_21-Noi Dau Ngot Ngao-Ngoc Hue

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#14 Posted : Monday, November 09, 2015 7:59:49 PM(UTC)
BLUE OCEAN Không Ai Yêu Em Hơn Anh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_01-Doi khong co em-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_02-Hanh Phuc Noi Nao-Bich van
Blue ocean KAYEHA_03-Tinh Anh Ngon Nen-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_04-Nang thu-Bich van
Blue ocean KAYEHA_05-Khong Ai Yeu Em Hon Anh-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_06-Mua -Andy Thanh & Bich van
Blue ocean KAYEHA_07-Nguoi Tinh Cach Xa-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_08-Chi Co Anh Trong Tim Em-Nini
Blue ocean KAYEHA_09-Em Nay O Dau-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_10-Mua Dong Gia Bang-Bich Van
Blue ocean KAYEHA_11-Trao Ve Anh-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_12-Yeu Em Tuoi Xuan Thi-Bich Van
Blue ocean KAYEHA_13-Ky Niem Nao Voi Tan-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_14-Anh Se Mai La Nguoi Yeu Em-Bich Van
Blue ocean KAYEHA_15-Mot Thuo Yeu Nguoi-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_16-Chuyen Tinh Khong Suy Tu-Bich Van
Blue ocean KAYEHA_17-Xin Em O Lai Day Dem Nay-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_18-Yeu Nhau De Xa Nhau-Bich Van& Andy Thanh
Blue ocean KAYEHA_19-Lac Mat nhau-Andy Thanh

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#15 Posted : Monday, November 09, 2015 8:22:18 PM(UTC)
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_01-Phut Ban Dau-Chau Khanh
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_02-Cho Em Trong Mua-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_03-When I'm Gone-Nini
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_04-Loi To Tinh De Thuong-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_05-Noi Dau Diu Dang-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_06-Mot Thoang Mong Manh-Ngoc Nhu Tram
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_07-Ky Niem Nao Voi Tan-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_08-Mua Thu La Bay-Thao suong
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_09-Tim Nhau-Nguyen Khang
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_10-Tinh Thu-Chau Khanh
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_11-Tinh Trong Con Mua-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_12-Don't Go Away-Nini
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_13-Khoi Trang Tinh Yeu-Ngoc Hue
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_14-Mot Thuo Yeu Nguoi-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_15-Chia Tay Tinh Dau-Nguyen Khang
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_16-Vang Trang Em Troi-Chau Khanh
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_17-Cho Phone Em-Andy Thanh
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_18-Anh O Dau-Thao suong
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_19-Chia Khoa Tinh Yeu-Chau Khanh
Blue ocean LTTDTEQMD_20-Em Quen Mua Dong-Andy Thanh
#16 Posted : Monday, August 08, 2016 9:17:09 PM(UTC)
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_01- Lien khuc Chen Dang, That Long Em Cha Muon The, Gia Tu Di Vang - Truc Lam & Truc Linh
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_02 - Gio Thi Em Hua - Andy Thanh
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_03 – Lien khuc Power Of The Night, Flames Of Love - Henry Chuc & Lilian
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_04 - Yeu Anh Sai Lam - Nini
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_05- Lien khuc Nhin Nhau Lan Cuoi, Loi Cuoi Cho Em - Bao Ngoc & Thieu Ky Anh
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_06- Em Va Co Ay Anh Phai Lam Sao - Le Thien An
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_07- Imagine - Tommy Ngo
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_08- Canh Hoa Phoi Phai - Thanh Ha
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_09- Sexy Sexy Lover - Lynda Trang Dai
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_10-Lien khuc Vi Dang Tinh Yeu, Tinh Yeu Va Giot Nuoc Mat, Mot Loi Cho Mai Sau - Ngoc Nhu Tram & Le Thien An
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_11- Lam Sao Em Quen - Nini
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_12- Lien khuc Tinh Yeu Nao Phai Tro Choi & Cuoc Noi Chuyen Giua 2 Nguoi Dan Ong - Leon Vu - Lam Thien An
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_13- Hay Den Voi Anh - Quoc Duong
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_14- Happy New Year - Hop Ca blue ocean
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_15- Lien khuc Anh Se Den& Dem Nay Em Thay Co Don& Hua That Nhieu, Nguoi Ta Noi&Thoi Anh Cu Di- Truc Lam & Truc Linh & Ngoc Nhu Tram
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_16- Tinh Yeu Thuong - Andy Thanh
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_17- I Don't Like To Sleep Alone - Tommy Ngo
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_18- Forever Young - Henry Chuc
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_19- Lien khuc Phut Cuoi, Tinh Bo Vo - Andy Thanh & Ngoc Nhu Tram
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_20- Bien Xa Tinh Toi - Thanh Ha
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_21- Quen Het Di Anh - Bao Ngoc
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_22- Hung Up - Lynda Trang Dai
Blue ocean GTEHYASL_23 - Nho Em - Quoc Duong
User: gaumobile
#17 Posted : Sunday, October 02, 2016 5:30:06 PM(UTC)
#18 Posted : Monday, October 08, 2018 8:56:01 PM(UTC)
Blue ocean ngheo_01 - Dem buoc chan buon - Thao Suong
Blue ocean ngheo_02 - Tien dua - Manh Quynh
Blue ocean ngheo_03 - Nang yeu hoa tim - Ngoc Ho
Blue ocean ngheo_04 - Dung trach em toi nghiep - Thao Suong
Blue ocean ngheo_05 - Dieu ly buon - Manh Quynh
Blue ocean ngheo_06 - Loi to tinh de thuong - Ngoc Ho
Blue ocean ngheo_07 - Gai nha ngheo - Thao Suong
Blue ocean ngheo_08 - Ngay cuoi em - Manh Quynh
Blue ocean ngheo_09 - Trai cam - Ngoc Ho
Blue ocean ngheo_10 - Ngheo - Thao Suong
Blue ocean ngheo_11 - Ve duoi mai nha - Manh Quynh
Blue ocean ngheo_12 - Net buon thoi chien - Thao Suong
Blue ocean ngheo_13 - Trom nho tham thuong - Ngoc Ho
Blue ocean ngheo_14 - Pho vang (Pho vang em roi) - Manh Quynh.
Blue ocean ngheo_15 - Duong tinh doi nga - Thao Suong
Blue ocean ngheo_16 - Noi nho - Ngoc Ho
Blue ocean ngheo_17 - Chieu ha vang - Manh Quynh
Blue ocean ngheo_18 - Chang la ai - Thao Suong
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